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Search for Church jobs. Your personal job seeker account will allow you to find pastoral jobs, manage your resumes, and set up job alerts. Access the newest and freshest jobs available to professionals seeking ministry employment.

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Your Career Profile is your online anonymous resume. It gets listed in the resume bank for employers to view. Employers will see everything you put in except for your name and contact information.
When an employer reviews your anonymous Career Profile and decides they want to consider you for an opportunity, they will construct an overview that will be emailed to you and placed in the "My Contact Requests" section of your account. You will be able to review these opportunities and decide whether you want to be considered for the position.
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A Job Alert is an automated search that runs each night (or week). It looks for new job opportunities that have been posted that match your job search criteria. When it finds a match, it emails you a brief summary of the job with a link to the job description. Job Alerts make sure you do not miss any new opportunities.
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